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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Engage a Real Estate Agent for Your Property Transaction

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

The relationship between a seller and a buyer is complicated on so many levels. There are always disagreements and high expectations in every transaction. On one hand, the seller is asking for a price that he seems fit for his property, and on the other hand, the buyer is trying to get a bargain and buy a property for the budget he has. Both want something the other one has but negotiations often end up in failure.

The ultimate solution to avoid all the trouble and blood boiling differences that may occur, is to hire a well-established real estate agent. A professional agent knows exactly the value of each property and can help you sell or buy a property for a good price. Not only this, a real estate agent can help you find the best seller or the best buyer for a certain property thanks to the wide network of people each agent has; it will be super-fast to sell a property or buy one.

In this article, we will talk about the 5 tops reasons why you should engage a real estate agent for your property transaction.

Vast Network.

The most important thing to pay attention to when you are hiring a real estate agent is their network. It plays a huge role in the speed of sale, purchase and can even raise the value of your property.

A successful agent has a vast network that contains real estate accountants, lawyers, home stagers, mortgage brokers, and most importantly, a pool of contacts to reach out to ready buyers/sellers. Basically anyone that can help you buy, lease, rent or sell a property, he would have the contacts readily available. Your agent should be able to give you all the contacts you need to make sure that you do not miss anything. They should be able to discuss all decisions prior to making them.

In order to sell or buy a property, you first have to conduct a full research about the laws, the neighborhood, and the prices. Your real estate agent can obtain all these information because they have all the people who can provide them with a single phone call.

Their network does not only include professionals, they also know families who are looking for houses and past clients who want to change their homes once again. A real estate agent can be in your life forever and help you with all matters related to the purchase, lease and sale of your property. They also know the best listing services where only the best houses are listed. Doing this can raise the value of your house though marketing it on the internet.

Building a network takes a lot of efforts, money and stress.

Attention to Details.

The huge amount of information you have to absorb and the big loads of papers you have to read before you make a property transaction can exhaust you and you will always miss a small detail you did not pay attention to. There are usually more than nine pages to go through before you buy or sell a property, are you sure you will be able to go through them and not miss anything?

Years of experience allows a real estate agent to observe even the smallest details that may lead to the failure of a deal or even worse, legal issues. Thanks to their network, which includes legal teams, they will investigate every clause in the contract before you sign on the deal.

You will also have to go back and forth between departments as you look for the documents necessary to conclude a certain deal, and losing your way is inevitable. If you have a real estate agent by your side, they will guide you through each and every one of them and point out the right people who can help with these documents quickly.

Hiring a real estate agent can be considered as a small fee investment that will prevent you from falling into the vile traps and schemes of buyers or seller who are not completely honest with you.

Save Time and Efforts

One of the most important perks of hiring a real estate agent is their ability to handle everything in your stead so you can sit back in the comfort of your house and relax. A good real estate agent with a good network will be able to proceed with the sale of purchase of your property as fast as possible.

If you are a seller, they will accompany all potential buyers and show them around, while doing so, they will convince them and make them feel like they are already at home. In a study conducted by The National Association of Realtors, a real estate agent can sell the property 20% faster than an individual follow the DIY/FSBO methods.

If you are a buyer, your real estate agent will use their network and advise you accordingly in order to prevent you from being submerged with calls from companies and sellers who will try to convince you to buy a shack for the price of a mansion. They will also find the best bargains for you as they have families already looking for a house similar to yours.

They Know Exactly What You Are Looking For.

Either you are a buyer or a seller, a real estate agent knows exactly what you are looking for.

Once you hire a real estate agent, the first thing to do is to explain to them exactly what property you want. To name a few, describe how many rooms and bathrooms you want, the neighborhood you want to live in, the price you are willing to pay and whether you want a garage or a basement attached. List all your must haves and have nots and sit back, relax and let them do their job. You will be surprised by how accurate the offers they bring you are.

You asked for few things, but a good real estate will provide even more. They will be aware of all the pros and cons of a house. From leaks to kitchen issues, and from mold, insect infestations to roof issues, they will check every single detail so you did not consider and will make sure you are aware of them all before you purchase a home.

If you are a seller, all you have to do is set a price and wait for the real estate to bring offers in. A good agent will tell you if the price is reasonable or not by taking into consideration all the surrounding factors that may raise the price or lower it. It is then up to you to decide if you want to proceed with the sale of your property at the price suggested by the agent.

These price recommendations will be affected by the crime rate in the neighborhood, availability of amenities nearby, schools, and even the air quality. They will have all the data needed to convince a buyer to choose the house on offer.

Master Negotiators.

Negotiations can be a tricky business and real estate agents excel at it. Although some people prefer not to have an agent interfere in their negotiations with the selling or buying party, we highly recommend that you always consult one because they have the best techniques of negations and they know how to approach one or sometimes both of the parties as they see fit for the interest of the latter and former.

If you are making a deal with an honest person you know and you know all the legal procedures, then you are probably better off without an agent because you will agree to a deal that suits both your needs. If however, you are dealing with a party you don’t know, then the best option here is to hire a real estate agent because they know their way around convincing the seller to agree to the offer presented.

As a buyer, you can tell your agent about what you don’t like about a certain property and he or she will use those elements to try to get you a fair price, by doing things such as continuously mentioning to the seller how much it will cost to repair or upgrade all those issues without making the seller feel offended.

Bottom Line.

To choose a real estate agent, you have to make sure that they have a vast network they can refer you to in order to get your deal done quickly and profitably. You may be qualified to sell your own house, but you surely lack the experience to get the most out of a deal. A good real estate agent sells up to four houses each month, this means that they are more experienced than you are and have a wider network in both the legal and the financial departments.

The process of selling or buying a property is not as simple as you may think. The paperwork will consume your time and energy and you may still miss a detail than can lead to the failure of a deal after you have spent so much time and money to make it work.

You will never find yourself in a problem if you decided to use the expertise of a real estate agent, they will guide you a step by step through the process and provide legal and financial consultation that they obtain from the accountants, lawyers and brokers they work with.

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