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[Partner] 6 Must-have Marketing Materials For Real Estate Industry

In the real estate industry, advertising is a vital step to gain interested buyers. Competition games in this industry are very strong and not easy to win. With the right marketing techniques, even a small business could beat the companies that normally perform better than others. There are countless marketing materials you can use to increase sales, particularly in real estate.

Name Card

Every real estate developer has their own salesperson or sales agent. Real estate is a very big and professional industry, therefore, the salesperson must present himself in a professional manner. Name card is a way to demonstrate your serious expression and battle-hardened integrity. And guess what? People will be envious of the professionalism of your name card printing, and they would be thrilled to get one. When you provide someone your personal information on a name card card, you are demonstrating a level of trustworthiness. This means that in real estate, having a great name card is essential.

Brochures or Booklets

In real estate marketing, professional images of homes, condominiums, or any commercial property for sale are extremely important. People are always attracted to the first look of the space which makes it desirable for them to visit. Images of a location that are visually appealing play an important role in persuading people to view the show unit and then to consider purchasing it. In this way, getting the right booklet printing with appealing images of the property you intend to sell is very important. Making real estate agency brochures or booklets that are well arranged with a set of fundamental information will certainly set you apart from your competitors in the market.

Flyer There are numerous advantages of using marketing flyers for promotions, especially in the real estate industry. Real Estate marketing flyers will assist you in making a strong initial impression – as well as a lasting impression in the future. In comparison to brochures or booklets, flyer printing delivers less information. This is a good thing because it would make flyers an excellent approach to keep your clients interested with your content because you only have to include the most important details to share. As most people don't have all day to listen to what you have to say, concentrating on the most important topics is highly recommended for you.

Leaflet Real estate agents use leaflets to alert the surrounding neighborhood about the upcoming project, or they hand them out during a roadshow, which normally takes place at a mall or at a public event. When it comes to designing a leaflet, it's important to think about only providing the information that's completely essential. You need to find the appropriate balance between adding all of the necessary information while avoiding making the leaflet entirely text-based. It should be visually appealing, which includes images and text that is easy to read. Talking about leaflet printing, you need to think hard about the most significant marketing key points and how to condense them to reflect your brand's values.

Postcards Postcards printing are a key for reminding clients and audience of upcoming open houses that could catch their interest. It's a simple and effective approach to reach out to your target audience or potential buyers and sellers. Custom postcards that are printed in vivid colors will make it more interesting and engaging for customers to read more than just a headline. Your agents will be able to sell properties, present open houses, and more all on one postcard.

Stickers Sticker could be a way to market your brand, but customers mostly see it as a “thank-you” gift for their business. The ideal method to do this is to first figure out who your target market is and then create stickers that reflect their interests. Choosing and buying the right home is an overwhelming process. Some people take months to decide to buy a house they choose, therefore, as a real estate developer or agent, you could design a sticker with inspiring words on it related to owning a property. You could provide several sticker designs and let your clients choose the one they prefer. Stickers can be placed on sidewalks, ceilings, windows, laptops, refrigerators, bathrooms, and a variety of other places. Anywhere with a spot to fit your sticker is a good place to share it.


Print advertisements play a key role in effective real estate marketing. So, now you know why they are important in the real estate industry, if you are in this business, you are recommended to spend more time and money on it. If you are looking for a quality and fast online printing service in Singapore, Ontimeprint can help you deliver these products within a day! With various materials, shapes and sizes offered, you could customize everything on your own.

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