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[Singapore] KEY Property Trends in 2021

While COVID-19 eclipsed the global economy since the start of 2020, light seems to be shining on the real estate industry in 2021. That is at least the case, according to Christine Sun, Director, Senior Vice President of Research & Analytics at OrangeTee.

In summary, there are 4 key trends to look out for in 2021 for the real estate industry in Singapore. They are:

  1. Recovery to gather pace on fresh optimism

  2. Diminishing home supply may continue to prop up prices

  3. Final tranche of new homes to be released from latest collective sale cycle

  4. HDB market emerging from the doldrums

For in-depth analysis and explanation, follow the LINK to read the full article on In view of this, now is the best time to start growing your real estate network to ride this upcoming real estate upturn.


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