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7 Reasons Why Clicks® Is The Best Real Estate Ecosystem Platform In the World!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Clicks® is a Singapore-based startup that focuses on the real estate ecosystem and network, founded by seasoned professionals with strong financial and tech backgrounds. We are backed by two private investors who have extensive experience in investments, financial risk management and digital product management in our pre-seed stage.

Our vision as the best real estate ecosystem and network platform in the world is to create economic opportunities for everyone involved in real estate and its complementary industries. This is achieved through an online social network focusing on real estate. Through this network, we hope to create an environment where everyone interested in real estate can find a connection/solution to help them with their real estate needs with just a few clicks. We see ourselves as the "LinkedIn" of the real estate industry.

Currently, on top of allowing users to connect with each other, we allow users to create a virtual profile for their properties (we coined as PVP). Through the PVP, not only could users archive their memories of their homes, but they could also let their properties gain media exposure, and should they decide to sell or rent, they could harvest the exposure gained. This is similar to a pre-sale media exposure for any property launch.

7 Reasons Why Clicks® Is the Best Real Estate Digital Ecosystem & Network In the World?

No. 1 - We have recently launched the listing feature, where not only agents can list their properties, but also property owners. As of the time of writing this article, the most popular property listing websites (e.g. propertyguru, only allow agents to list. To top it all, this feature is currently free to use.

No. 2 - We are the first of its kind in the world. While the entire world is moving towards web Web 3.0, the real estate industry is very much stuck in Web 1-1.5. Clicks® will be the first of its kind, networking platform, which allows users to expand their network, thereby, creating economic opportunities for each other.

No. 3 - We have built features which greatly benefit our users. Some of these include:

  • appointment booking feature to help agents/owners better manage their viewings

  • step-by-step guide for HDB transactions; this is for HDB owners who want to try to transact independently

  • direct contact via WhatsApp/Phone/SMS

  • connection: allows users to increase their network

  • Property Virtual Profile (PVP): allows users to archive memories of their homes or could serve as a pre-sale marketing tool should they be undecided on whether to sell their properties.

No. 4 - Exciting new features in the pipeline:

  • Incorporating blockchain into real estate transactions through smart contracts.

  • Virtual viewings: allow users to view properties remotely before making a trip down to view physically; include simultaneous viewings for multiple viewers.

  • Communities: allow people who live in the same community to create events, organise group buys, buy/sell/giveaway pre-loved items

  • Automated payments for rentals.

No. 5 - We are an open, global platform. Unlike most real estate platforms in the market which are very much localised, we strive to create a global network which would help our users create economic opportunities regardless of location.

No. 6 - Moving forward, we will be onboarding more partners for our users' properties (e.g. interior designers, conveyancing lawyers, handymen etc.). We will be the one-stop portal for whatever that is needed for your property.

No. 7 - We build our features for our users. Testimonial from some of our early users:

“Clicks Real Estate Network is a unique real estate digital ecosystem platform for real estate and I can see a lot of potential for value to its customers and monetisation for the company. In terms of value-added service esp for homeowners is to have a feature to know the resale value of your property based on the most recent transactions within the area. For Reits investors, you could also host regular blogs/podcasts Reits-related market updates and interview industry experts to share their thoughts. For those who want to earn money, you can also allow members to offer or get home-related services (i.e. movers, electrical, plumbing, housekeeping, etc.). Again congratulations for creating an awesome network.”

“Very Good Platform to Showcase the Owner Flat. Definitely the Best World 1st Real Estate Digital Ecosystem Platform!“

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