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Five Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Business & Attract More Clients

Updated: Jan 16

Real estate is a sector that is both difficult and possibly rewarding. According to a 2020 survey, 88% of purchasers recently acquired their house through a real estate agent or broker.

According to the same report, 73% of buyers consulted just one real estate agent during their property search, highlighting the necessity of raising awareness and getting in front of consumers as soon as possible. That is why understanding real estate marketing is essential for anybody working in the industry.

We've prepared a list of real estate marketing strategies used by top agents to advertise their services. These marketing tips will help you create a successful marketing plan whether you're a new business looking to draw in new clients or a seasoned realtor.

Create Your Website

Before making a purchase, many buyers research goods and services online. You may showcase your services to potential customers by developing a website for your real estate firm. The more listings you have on your website and the more often you update them, the more potential customers will come to your website to look for properties. To make your website stand out, provide something a bit surprising. Consider a mortgage calculator as a simple value addition for clients.

Collaborate with local businesses

Utilize your contacts in the neighborhood to connect with apparel stores, home furnishings showrooms, and cafés to promote listings and ask them to take part in an open house event. Create pop-up display booths in various areas of the property as a creative method to entice potential buyers to come to your open house. This encourages prospective buyers to check out every space. You may also determine with your partners what kind of bargains you can offer buyers on certain products.

Make active use of your social media platforms

One of the best ways to position oneself as a trustworthy adviser for prospects, spark curiosity, and establish connections with possible clients is to keep an engaged, appealing social media presence.

Joining local Facebook groups and responding to important topics that emerge in them — and taking similar steps on other platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn were some of the common methods that could still be useful. However, as such platforms are not built for real estate businesses, meaningful reach might be limited.

One new platform which you must try is Clicks®. They are an up and coming real estate focussed online social network. Use it to connect with potential buyers/sellers/landlords/tenants and other agents. This would greatly increase your real estate network locally and globally. Why only tap on your personal network with your postings on traditional social media such as Facebook? Clicks® will amplify your real estate network instantly.

Similar to what you could do in other social media, you could also provide your network with useful content by creating posts regularly on Clicks®. This is to establish your expertise in your field by proving that you are knowledgeable and skilled at any related real estate topics. With your social media presence, you may demonstrate to potential clients that you have a firm grip on the industry, your area of expertise, and your target demographic. This would make your prospects connect with you.

Collect and publish customer reviews

You may strengthen your credibility and cultivate trust by referencing your satisfied past clients. Contact the consumers you assisted after a successful transaction to request a testimonial and feedback about their experience with your services and assistance. Put the content on your website as soon as you receive it and have the client's consent to use it so that potential clients can see firsthand how successfully you have previously assisted clients in similar circumstances.

Did you know? With Clicks®, you can get customers to leave you a review and your profile is shown to tens of thousands of people looking for properties monthly? And not to worry, profile of your customers are hidden so you don't have to be afraid that your customers would be poached by others!

Invest in Print Marketing

Even though the real estate industry is not exempt from the onslaught of digital change, certain traditional marketing strategies can still be useful when developing a real estate marketing plan. The marketing efforts of real estate brokers are frequently greatly aided by more conventional media and print advertising like newspaper ads and custom displays in large formats.

Another one is name cards. Printing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing name cards are among the most effective methods for real estate agents to promote their businesses and display expertise. Having name cards handy will allow you to take advantage of any face-to-face contacts with targeted prospects. They work as prompt calls to action throughout any talks with clients and are fundamental micro-marketing tools.

Bonus Tip

So, now that you understand why they are vital in the real estate industry, it is advised that you invest more time and money in them if you are in this business. It would also be great to partner with trusted vendors like an online printing company in Singapore and Malaysia – Gogoprint. Working with someone you trust ensures that you get the best for your business without breaking the bank.


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