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Clicks® is Reimagining How Properties are Marketed with Our Focussed Network & $120K in Funding

Clicks®' vision is to create a real estate-focussed, online network. With this network, we work towards bringing everything related to real estate within a few clicks' reach and as a result, create economic opportunities for everyone involved in the real estate and its complementary industries.

Saturday, January 1st, 2022 - Singapore - Clicks®, the future of real estate marketing, ended the year 2021 with the successful onboarding of our 2nd private investor in Q4'21. With this, Clicks® closed 2021 with a total of $120K in pre-seed funding.

Clicks® is reimagining how properties are being marketed, drawing inspirations from successful models in other agent-focused industry such as LinkedIn for the recruitment industry. Popular, traditional property marketing platforms across the globe mainly focus on one stakeholder in the real estate industry - the real estate agents. These platforms usually function as a "fishing ground" for agents and offer little to no "hunting" options. As such, most stakeholders in the real estate industry are either falling back to even more traditional marketing (physical pamphlets) or using non-real estate focussed online network (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, and yes, even LinkedIn).

"Marketing for most industries have evolved tremendously in recent years and are already in the advanced stage; yet for real estate industry, it is very much still in the online advertising board stage and with a significant percentage of the stakeholders still relying on physical pamphlets/SMSes," said Chee Yeng, Founder and CEO of Clicks®. "Does the real estate industry deserve its own social network? As a multi-trillion industry, I would say the answer is a definite 'YES!'."

Clicks® app is currently available on Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Our web app, together with our free property listing module (yes, it's free, you didn't read wrongly), are currently in development and would be available by end of Q1'22.

About Clicks®

Clicks® is the world's first of its kind, online, social network focusing on real estate. Unlike traditional online property marketing boards, Clicks® strive to create economic opportunities not just for agents/developers, but also all other stakeholders in the real estate and its complementary industries.

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