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Clicks® Advertisements Introductory Promo Code 

Here is an amazing offer for you! Use code "CLICKSINTRO50OFF" and receive 50% off the advertising fee on Clicks®!

Coupon Code

50% OFF

Grow your business without breaking the bank.

With an introductory fee of just $60 per month* (usual price at $120), your business will be exposed to more than 15k Clicks® users per month.

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Why advertise on Clicks®?

Advertising on Clicks® is highly cost efficient as compared to advertising through other social media platforms and pamphlets.

Your ads will be viewed by audiences you are targetting -  all our users are looking for real estate related products and services!

Clicks® advertisements are easy to set up - minimal effort from you and we will do the rest to ensure your company gets maximal exposure.

Clicks® Ad Creation Process In 3 Steps

Content Submission/Payment

Submit a response to our Google Form for ad content such as URL, Title & Image. Make payment via the link in Google Form.

Ads Go Live

You will receive an email when your ads go live.


At the end of every month* you will receive an email containing total no. of clicks and impressions.

*from the date you have made the first payment


Clicks® ads content

As shown, Clicks® ads are made of 5 components - it's Title, Image, URL, Description and Contact. Just submit these items to us in our Google Form and we will do the rest!

Clicks® ads location

Your ads will be placed in highly visible and prominent locations, yet would not be viewed as intrusive. The last thing you want is create a negative impression through your advertising efforts!

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